Strange Sister. That's me, Kari Kaiser. The quirky little sister from a tiny Montana town. Expressive, creative, and enamored with color, texture, and adornment, from fashion to interiors to the design that surrounds us in our daily living. I delight in the artistry of nature and the amazing craftsmanship of my fellow humans. Cross that artistic tendency with a splash of spelling bee champ and math nerd and you've got yourself a graphic designer. 
As such, my professional home is the crossroads of beauty and functionality. I find meaning in listening to my clients' needs and helping to find a visually pleasing path by which to convey a message and feeling. My tools are words and images, sketchbook and MacBook, paper and pixels. 
With a BFA in Graphic Design from Montana State University, I have over two decades of experience working as a designer, while also assisting with copywriting, storyboarding and art directing TV ads. Strange Sister Creative was launched in 2003 and has allowed me to enjoy direct collaboration with clients on a wide variety of projects.  
In addition to design, I also love wearing wigs, making my son laugh, playing guitar (albeit poorly), exploring new places, dancing to live music, floating down rivers, spending a day on a bike or skis, cooking with friends, reading in lawn chairs, and visiting my kegerator after a day at the office.