DISCLAIMER: I haven't updated these samples since... uh ... 2009. I know. Shame on me.
For more recent work samples, please email me. Or, just click on anythumbnail below to see some early stuff. I promise, it's still fresh.
Logos & Identity
The Road Ahead Epic Expeditions logos Ponderosa/Elkhorn EnergyWise logo Benefit River Blaine Anderson Burger Bonanza Hobson Centennial
Granite Health + Fitness Green Directory Hughes Mountain Ranch Sports Swap Logo Pigeye Outfitters Logo H2O Logo Alexander Outfitting Logo Alpha Graphics
Renaissance Ranch Logo Yellowstone Environmental Stewardship Logo Logo Concert for a Cause Logo Country Junction Logo Strange Sister Logo/Bizcard NOW Logo Bridger Strings Bizcards
RMC Primer Poster Seed Illustration Shane's Notecard Gainan's Retirement Postcard Nature Collage Holes T-shirt
Event Promotion
Big Brothers Big Sisters Beartooth Hospital "No Show Ball" Harvest Fair poster Montana Logging & Ballet Co. Ranch Party Invitation
"Into The Light" invitation Black Tie Blue Jeans 2003 Clubhouse Invitation First To Dine Invitation
Brochures, Ads, Backdrops, Packaging, Apparel, etc.
BISC Booklet Granite Brochure Gainan's Bridal Flower Ad Gainan's Theater Ad Go Play Map Max Backdrop Max Campaign Invites Max T-shirt
Jeff Merkley T-shirt Building a Better Montana - backdrop Country Pasta Bag Burns Telecom Center Annual Report Coach Jay, Inc. Data Imaging Systems Folder YVCC Jersey
Website Design

Marcia Selsor: Ceramic Artist

Vermillion Ranch Ltd.

Hughes Mountain Ranch